This project is an ongoing series documenting my west London homeland. At present the South Acton Estate is being demolished and regenerated so some of this series is comprised of capturing what remains of the Pripyat-style abandoned dwellings.

If you are a nosey parker like me, you might be interested in what has been left behind in these derelict, vacated environments.

There are also some interviews I filmed and edited in collaboration with my friends at Acton Community Forum.

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Conrad at night Working men's flags Pecker Walking figure The doors Hocking exit
Funnel Crates No.5 bins Units Buchan windows Swinger
Walk path Jerome X O Wodehouse flowers Buchan house Hocking tree shadows
Woolf stairwell Woolf step Window leak Galsworthy peel 302 Lift face
Standing Hocking reflect Arabic books Jynxie + Blondie Woolf neon Porthole